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The night of February 27th, 2012 - Francisville lost another young man to gunfire right at our own back door. Wee, we mourn your loss and those who have been lost before and since. Thanks to our neighbor for permission to paint the wall, to Key, BE and NTEL for their work on this portrait and mural and to the friends, neighbors and family who financed and supported the work. Making the violence visible is an important step towards healing and moving forward. We gotta turn this around - its time to stop the violence and address all the conditions that lead to it. Free the Hood.

Francisville Community Food Distro

The Francisville Community Food Distro is an all-volunteer run distribution of donated food every Friday morning in Francisville. The Distro has been operational since the summer of 2006! The food gets to the neighborhood between 8-9am at the intersection of Francis, Leland and Parrish Streets.

The Distro was started to get more fruit and vegetables into the neighborhood for free. But it's also about how people in the neighborhood can do something positive for eachother without needing a charity or the government to do it for them! The volunteers who go and pick up produce are almost all people who started just by coming to get free vegetables from the drop-off site.

The food is mainly donated from generous wholesale vendors at the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market located on 6700 Essington Avenue. The Philadelphia Regional Produce Market is open to the public and sells produce at wholesale prices. It costs 3$ to enter the parking lot with a van or truck. If you ever need to buy a cheap case of produce, this is the place to go!

If you would like to get involved in the Community Food Distro, or learn how to do one yourself, feel free to show up Friday morning, or contact us to make arrangements.

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