Raise The Roof 2013

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 6:16pm -- wiley

Fall 2012 and Spring/Summer/Fall 2013 were preoccupied almost entirely with exterior work.  Our old roof put in circa 2005, done in a fast paced frenzy of ignorance, was chronically leaking in many places despite patching and was also suffering from a lot of condensation issues in the winter because of a lack of venting.  The 2,000 sq/ft roof had only one drain that would sometimes clog up with leaves and result in minor flooding.

For these reasons and more the decision was made to do a new roof that would have many design advantages over the old one and resolve a bunch sticky problems with the interior of the building.  We got started on the front half of the building before being informed that the job would require permits!  Many thanks to Tina Geary from InHabit LLC for donating time to draw up blueprints for L&I.  Many thanks also to the literally dozens of people who came and volunteered and cooked us lunches over the course of the year.  First 4 photo credits go to Trev.  Couldn't have done all of this without the community support! 




tgetting the top sheet down with paul

work crew lunch break

mone pointing/sealing bricks on the night shift

framing the back half

blowing insulation