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Multi cyberfeminist identities: A self-defense strategy for warrior womyn

Do you feel surveilled by the system? Are you a navigator of the internet? Do you feel harassed in the public digital space called the internet? Do you want to use the tools and not be used as a tool? Come and join us in this laboratory to stretch your hackfeminist muscles. No previous experience need it. Just bring yourself and the digital device that you use to connect to the internet.
A lab session to explore the different threats and openings of the territory that we inhabit on the internet. How internet affects our communications, our privacy, and our public opinions. We invite you to define this digital territory as our ground battle where we are in defense of our digital bodies, opinions, and politics. We will use multiple cyber identities as a tool for cyber hackfeminist self-defense.
We ask a $5 -$30 sliding scale donation to support the presenter Lil Anaz who is coming from Mexico to present this content in Philly!
Womyn LBTQ warrior welcome! 
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Sunday, June 24, 2018 -
11:00am to 4:00pm
Main Community Space
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